Selecting, reading and writing files as easy as it can be!

Main Usage

With fil_io you can:

  1. selecting files based on e.g. file_ending, naming pattern or last change date
  2. simple reading one or more files at once
  3. simple writing files



The idea to this package came during the work as a consultant with a customer where lot’s of files needed to be read, transformed, inspected etc. and no adequate tools besides searching & filtering with Excel of files partly in the range of GBs were around.

With starting to share the python insights and the code fragments, the only logical next step was do create a really reusable code fragment - a python package.

From this datesy and fil_io derived.

Future Development

With simplifying file IO, adding some more file types or improving selecting might come in handy.


This package is designed to be an alternative and simplified API for file interaction. All and more functionality is already available either built-in from python or from other packages.

Yet, for quite some tasks this packages makes a lot more fun to use and is cleaning your code.